Lighting Design Services

From first consultation to the completion of the project, we work with you as advisors and consultants. Our process is collaborative, and we work closely with you to craft the lighting design that creates the atmosphere you’re looking for – we turn to you for inspiration and feedback on our design.

In our initial consultation, we meet with you to determine the scope and design detail needed for your project. Share with us your project – a building, room or environment – and we will discuss with you how people might experience it and function within it.  This help us to establish lighting design goals for your space.

We prepare a complete lighting design presentation for you, showing how your space might appear, including selected luminaires, lighting analyses, and light-accurate digital renderings where appropriate. The design presentation will communicate our vision for your project’s lighting and provide you with ample information to budget for the project.

The design presentation is also the blueprint for purchasing and installation. Using the provided documentation, you can pursue estimates on equipment and installation from your electrical contractor. The documentation includes all specifications for ordering equipment and executing the final design.

For larger projects, the design presentation can include images and design statements suitable for fundraising or promotion of the project. Documents are project-specific, and can include:

  • A design concept statement detailing the theme and design goals of the project.

  • Drawings or computer renderings to help you visualize the impact of the final design.

  • A drafted lighting plan, showing the placement and types of luminaires and proposed switch locations.

  • Luminaire specifications including price estimates.

  • Lighting analyses to show how the design impacts the function of the space or works within specific constraints. We’ll use analyses when accessibility, art preservation, impact on aircraft, or other functional requirements are critical to the project.

After you approve the final design presentation, we continue to work with you as advisors and consultants during the estimating, purchasing, construction, and electrical installation of the design. We will evaluate and approve any equipment substitutions and inspect on-site during the electrical installation to ensure that the design is implemented correctly.

We are lighting designers – we are not architects, engineers, electrical consultants, electrical contractors, or electricians, nor are we licensed to practice any of these professions. It is your responsibility to make sure all construction and electrical installation work is done by qualified (and when necessary, properly licensed) people.


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