Trinity Episcopal Church, North Meridian, Indianapolis


The new lighting design doubled brightness for congregation reading – suitable for the aging eye and younger parishioners alike. This project also added specific light for choir and theatrical multi-use space needs.

This new lighting brought life to architectural and religious elements, highlighting dimensionality in the glistening chancel cross and decorative detail in the ceiling.

Church Needs

It was extraordinarily expensive to change light bulbs in the old system because of their location and height. There was no specialized lighting for the presentation spaces during the service. Illumination for congregation and choir reading was insufficient for aging eyes.

Lighting is now controlled by both an architectural lighting system and a theatrical dimmer system. iPhone controls enable clergy to cue lights during services.

Lighting Challenges

Inspired by 13th century Norman Churches, architectural elements like ceiling friezes presented challenges to placement of lighting instruments. The new design concealed lighting behind architectural beams, responsive to the visual flow of the service.

Multi-use Space

The adjoining Saint Richards school uses the front area of the church for presentations, drama and music. This project incorporated a six-area lighting setup suitable for theatrical lighting. Lighting instruments were carefully placed so they do not detract from the space during worship.

From Client: “People have absolutely loved the lights. Can’t thank you enough.”

Thanksgiving for Light

The architectural design premiered at a special “thanksgiving for light” celebrated during Easter 2017, and attended by hundreds of congregants.

“What a glorious revealing of the lights we had yesterday at Trinity! At both services we cued the illumination of the space with the triumphal entry into the Church- and triumphant it was indeed…audible gasps of delight!”



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