Light Totem


Lighting Installation celebrating the 25th year of the Indiana University Art Museum designed by I.M.Pei. Initially designed as a temporary structure; re-installed as permanent public art.

Elements: 70’ Light TOWER, WALL of light, Interior 40’ light LINE totem, SKY shapes.

2011 Redesign and installation including interactive component. IUAM managed public art project.

2012 Light Totem added to IU Freshman Bucket List

Location-specific considerations: SHAPE and TOWER, which include spotlights pointing into the sky were designed well under air traffic regulations and in coordination with local air traffic to ensure safe air travel above Totem.

Press for Light Totem

Listed in top 10 artworks on display at IU Art Museum – Art from All Angles



Project details
  • Client: Indiana University Art Museum
  • Date: October 2007

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