Lilly House


IU President McRobbie commissioned Shakespeare Lighting Design LLC to light the murals in the ballroom (2013) and to light the dining room (2015). With LED light sources concealed in the ceiling, the murals and other residential art are now revealed in their magnificent detail.

Lilly House

The Lilly family donated the Lilly House to Indiana University in the 1970s, and now the house serves as the Indianapolis residence of the IU president. The house is a registered historic home.

Lilly House Dining Room Featured Art

Dining room portrait lit January 2016. Minimally invasive effective lighting uses small aperture recessed LED sources concealed in ceiling, requiring minimal alterations to the historic 1920s gold leaf ceiling.

Lilly House Mural Room Lighting

When Eli Lilly and his wife, Ruth, hired John D. Pusey to paint a mural on the walls of their home’s ballroom, they wanted more than a work of art.  Eli envisioned a masterpiece depicting human virtues and American life. Pusey painted for two years, completing the 11 panels in 1936. The murals span over 100 linear feet.

Lighting Historic Art in Historic Buildings

High color-rendering LEDs help conserve the art while revealing the full spectrum of colors. LEDs’ long life and low power use reduces maintenance costs.

The University Architect’s Office of IU was a critical collaborator in the design and coordination this project.


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